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Ride + Stride for Churches Shropshire press launch

The organisers of Ride+Stride for Churches in Shropshire hope to have at least 230 churches and chapels open on Saturday 8th September. Shropshire has a wealth of churches and chapels with much to interest church crawlers and day trippers.

If you are you interested in gothic architecture, simple cell churches, stained glass windows, intricate carved woodwork, get stuck in!

At the press launch for Ride+Stride for Churches in Shropshire last week, Rev’d. Charmian Beech with Ludo the spaniel was joined by Rebecca Wood lay reader  and local organiser and strider from Broseley, Richard and Sally Bifield striders with Billie the labrador and Roger, Angela and Nick, the R+S County Organisers and Publicity officer.

Shropshire 2018

Shropshire 2018

Angela said:

“We found each other down by the charming little tin Mission church at the far end of Blists Hill Victorian Town…..with Richard Aldred the Museum Marketing Officer and set about customising the church, Ride+Stride for Churchesbunting on the rails, poster on the notice board, tea table and goodies, the banner unfurled and draped on an old stone wall, bikes leaning carefully on the corrugated red tin walls of the church.

Richard took loads of lovely pictures of us all,  action ones, dogs being dogs, Revd Charmain Beech pouring tea from a cardboard prop, all of us holding up the big  Ride+Stride for Churches Banner and drinking coffee and eating cake, ambushed by Ludo and Billie even though they had their own doggy snacks! We had an unexpected visit from a little brown frog who tried to get into the bag with the cake in but was gently retuned to the Victorian Town woodland where he came from!

A big thank you

We finished with sitting in the church and Rev’d. Charmian Beech reading the Psalm of the day, accompanied by heavy dog breathing and Ludo making a star appearance as she popped out of the pulpit where she had been having a nap, Richard missed that one!

Shropshire 2018 2

Shropshire 2018 2

A big thank you to everyone who so kindly came to help set the scene and join in the fun, as it was fun!

And an even  bigger thank you to Richard Aldred who just said yes to everything we asked and then came and joined us, we are so grateful to him and to the generosity of Blists Hill Victorian Town for so kindly letting us use the church and giving us such support on the day.

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